Welcome to Fox Hill Hollow

Oh to get away from it all, to be in big sky country surrounded by trees, mountain bike trails and babbling creeks.  Aub and I had often dreamt of having our own mountain bike retreat but never thought our dreams would come true…..

Aub is a keen mountain bike racer, bike mechanic and track builder while I,  Amanda have secretly been fantasising about having  my own land on which to grow and process cosmetic ingredients. Why?  Because I am a consultant cosmetic chemist who just loves turning chemistry into fun, hands on exploration and art.

So when we found this property it looked to be a match made in heaven!


Our property purchase completes tomorrow and as such this blog is possibly a little pre-mature but what the hell, tomorrow is Monday and he and I will be bogged down in worky work. THIS is fun, this is the stuff that dreams are made of but this is going to be a whole lot of hard work.

The property in question is in a place called Woodstock in rural New South Wales, Australia.

We have no idea when our dreams will become reality and the doors of our new dual phase venture will be open.  The land is beautiful and has various land-use approval so that is no problem but there are some practical hurdles to overcome – no electricity means off-the-grid solar is a given,  water needs to be stored, shelter needs designing and building,  plants need researching and growing, bees (yes bees) need investigating and of course there will be a little track building for Aub (AKA Mr Bling – I will explain that one later).

So what do we want you to do?

Well I guess a little moral support never goes amiss, plus it will be fun sharing our adventures and mis-haps with you all.  Finally while we are doing this for the first time chances are some of you have already gone and created your little piece of bush heaven and as such can offer a few tips and words of advice along the way.

Oh and finally, when it is all done we might just need some customers.  Maybe one of those passing through will be you!

Onwards and Upwards.

Amanda x


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