What is in a name – Fox Hill Hollow

Ahhhhh  the English Fox, non-native, alien, feral, invasive and destructive.  No good has come from the forced relationship between this pretty little dog-like creature and the great Australian bush, no good at all which begs the question ‘why name our land after it?’

Why indeed…..

The Fox in fox hill hollow is actually little old me on account of me keeping my maiden (or family) name on marrying the still lovely (after all these years) Aubry Hill (and yes, that’s where the Hill bit came from).  The opportunity to spend the rest of my life sounding like I’d selected my name from the pages of an Enid Blyton story book was just too good to be true and being a half-hearted feminist I thought ‘why the heck not keep my name’ and went for it.  I’m very glad I did!

The family farm
The family farm back in the UK


I grew up next to this place!  Foxes everywhere!
I grew up next to this place! Foxes everywhere!

The animal and I share much in common, much indeed if you take the results of ‘The Animal In You Personality Test‘ as gospel which I of course do! In fact, I relate so much to those results that I am starting to wonder if our family name, one boasting over 1000 years of English history didn’t originate from a genetically enhanced disposition.  Stranger things have happened!

The Foxy similarities don’t end there for my better half and I as we too are aliens in this foreign land having migrated here just over ten years ago although I would hope that we haven’t had such a devastating effect on the environment…..

We hope to use all of our Foxy intuition and brains to help us turn Fox Hill Hollow into a biodiversity success as we commence work to un-pick and put-right what our forefathers both four-legged and two did wrong, well as far as we can do anyhow.  The Fox name serves as a daily reminder of our responsibilities, our history, our strengths and our weaknesses and for that reason we will Fox-On which is also great as my full maiden name was ‘Foxon’ so I guess it was all just meant to be.

Aubry and I at my 40th Birthday party.  Just can't get enough of those Foxes!
Aubry and I at my 40th Birthday party. Just can’t get enough of those Foxes!

Oh and if that story fails to win the hearts and minds there’s always the Little Red Flying Fox which we plan to re-introduce to our land, its native habitat.

See?  It’s all good.

Amanda, Foxy by name, nerdy by nature.


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