Christmas at Fox Hill Hollow

Christmas in Australia has always felt a bit odd for us pommies (English folk ūüôā ), the weather is warm to hot rather than snowy, we are encouraged to barbecue outside rather than sit by the fire and roast chestnuts and stone fruit are in season (as opposed to stodgy Apple Pie and Custard – although I’d also love that!). ¬†After ten Christmases this side of the equator we had sort of gotten used to it and had long since given up on trying to re-create that cozy feeling that we had back in the UK, instead replacing it for a Mozzy sprayed sun drenched inner glowing but something still didn’t feel right. ¬†Although we have always had great fun at Christmas and have been lucky to share the day with lovely people we hadn’t quite nailed what Christmas meant for our little family of four, to spend it OUR way – something that was very important to me as mother of my little tribe.

And so to Fox Hill Hollow.

As much as I’ve been enthusiastic about the land and its potential at Fox Hill Hollow I have not really identified as a ‘happy camper’ since my primary school days which I am sure traumatised me after one too many nights in a leaky tent (my fault) and having to wear my mum’s undies because I’d wet through all mine going down the slide in the park! ¬†Plus I am a chronic eczema and itch sufferer, allergic to dust mites and all forms of crud generally (I blow up like a puffer fish and get nose bleeds and sore eyes) so our ancient dusty caravan hadn’t really held much appeal to me and THAT is exactly what we were now faced with sleeping in for just under a week! ¬† That paired with an obvious lack of shower room, bathroom and power (other than a couple of gas bottles and a solar light) made me wonder what I’d let myself in for. But I needn’t have worried as I, along with the rest of the family, took to it like a duck to water. ¬†We had found OUR perfect Christmas place!

First night in the caravan, fairy lights and solar power!

We all managed to fit in and make ourselves comfortable in the caravan which was, thankfully dry and relatively bug free!

Christmas outside at Fox Hill Hollow

Christmas HQ – under the mozzie net for breakfast and look, there is our Christmas tree!

Our outdoors kitchen

With a total fire ban in place we were more than happy to put our stove to the test! ¬†We didn’t realise until we packed away that the gas bottle hadn’t got a regulator on it and that was why we occasionally got a nuclear bomb type gas blow out when we lit the thing. I had several of my grey hairs singed off by it – cheeky thing!

Bush Taxi

A paddle by the creek is a great way to cool off, especially when you don’t then have to walk the 1Km back home! ¬†Good old bush taxi (kids did put on their helmets which were also a Christmas present).

Becky and me chatting with Maisy

Sharing the space with our family – Scrabble, Cluedo and plenty of driving around our new carting track!

Family games

Bush camping in our kitchen

And back to the kitchen, the hub of the home and one of my favourite spots around the home camp.  It was here that I sat and wrote my little ditty about our time here.  I hope you like it!

I’m sitting out here in nature
Eating orgran gluten-free
With not-so-cheesy triangles
And my second cup of tea

Because I’m camping
Ooooooohhhhh yeh
I’m camping
and I never thought I’d like it.
But I do

And the Bling mans just got out of bed
He’s shaving off his fluff
The old caravan window
Is his mirror ’cause he’s tough

Because We’re camping
Oooooooohhhh yeh
And we never thought we’d like it.
But we do.

The girls have rode off round the corner
Sure to scare some kangaroos
but they’re enjoying the adventure
just hope they remembered their shoes

Because they’re camping
Oooooooohhhh yeh
And we never thought they’d like it.
But they do.

But the dogs, they have the most fun
Out in paddocks roaming free
With a murky dam to chase ‘roud
Scavanged kangaroo paw for tea

‘Cause woof’s are ¬†camping
ooooooohhhhh yeh
And we never thought they’d like it.
But they do.

We feel at home on Fox Hill Hollow
Have got it sorted out you see
Made dinner, had a shower
Got used to ants watching us pee

‘Cause¬†we’re all campers
ooooooooohhh yeh
her and her, him them and me,
and we never thought we would be
oooooohhhhh yeh
Just as long as there is tea
And a spade next to the tree……
Ooooooooohhhh yeh
and a wifi signal please
oh and a lovely southerly breeze.
Yes please.

So we finally found our Christmas Mojo and discovered what it felt like to spin Christmas our way out on Fox Hill Hollow.  We are so excited about 2015 and should see lots of our plans start to take shape but we will leave that discussion for another day.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

Amanda x

PS: Mr Bling is my husband Aubry Hill.


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