Rigging up a temporary shower

While my skin thanks me for not showering regularly with becoming less itchy (yes over-showering is not a good thing for us eczema sufferers) my hair certainly doesn’t appreciate it.  I wash my hair every day, twice if I’m going out at night which I appreciate seems excessive to those of you who can go a week or so without having to get it wet but I’ve tried that and it isn’t me.  My hair starts to look lank and grease-ball horrible after twelve or so hours and by 24 hours it is usually annoying me so much I want to pull it out – I can’t even stand it being tied up in a pony tail at that point – and as such the ability to shower and wash hair is a necessity for me!

So we rigged up a shower using one of those pesticide spray back-pack thingies (new of course, we don’t want to be washing in THAT) and tied it to the tree.  The warmth from the sun quickly took the chill off the water and the fine misting spray meant that we could have a full shower while only using 1.5 litres of water each – and that was with a hair wash too!  OK it wasn’t a drenching but being as though we have to cart our water out here for now as our tank isn’t yet connected being water-savvy was also a must!  Showering in pairs also helps cut down water usage and makes the experience a bit easier as one can hold down the spray while the other rinses, very sociable!

What you can’t see in this picture are the duck boards that Aub put down to protect our feet from critters (we have some scarily big ants out here), these also help to keep our feet clean after showering which is a bonus!

I’m not sure that this will be so appealing once the winter rolls in – it does get cold here in Australia and the Cowra area can experience frosts – but for now our spray-pack shower is doing a grand job in keeping us looking and feeling fresh plus it has given me something to think about,  about how wasteful with water we really are back home………

Bush Shower


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