Building a Car Port – The Tree Harvest

Mr Bling wants to build a car port on the back of the container so that we can keep dry when working or cooking outdoors. I have to agree that is a splendid idea and am not about to stop him so it’s off to work we go!

I love trees and am not usually excited to see them felled but we do have rather a lot of non-native pines on Fox Hill Hollow and to be honest they really MUST go one point or another so we may as well put all of that lovely wood to good use in our structural pursuits.

Chain saws and me don’t mix so I stayed well away while that was going on appearing only to take happy snaps with my phone.  The dogs found the whole thing quite fascinating…..


Apparently tree surfing is a thing and a fun thing it is too!

Tree Surfing

Six trees were felled in total before being chopped to length and left to dry until next time.  It is quite possible that the timber will crack as there is quite a bit of science behind tree-drying apparently.  We will just have to see what happens to this lot and keep our fingers crossed that it will be good to go when we are.


Such a satisfying thing to see a log pile like that.  Reminds me of a song.


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