March – Early Autumn and it is time for some fun!

There is always something to do at Fox Hill Hollow but sometimes we just want to spend the day having a bit of fun.

As the sun was still shining and the temperatures were still in the late 20’s the girls took the opportunity to get the Dune buggy out and go exploring.

march sisterly helping hand dune buggy March autumn fun on the dune buggy

Meanwhile Aub and I got the stove cranked up for a cuppa!  I love a bit of outdoor living as long as I’ve got my teabags and hot water.

March getting the fire going

As night fell it was time to pack up and move to my sisters house down the road as we had an early start in the morning with the Orange 11Km charity walk up to the top of Mt Canobolas.

We were lucky enough to be guided to our other home by this beautiful big bird of prey. Neither of us knew what it was but it was massive – at least a metre across!  There were two but I only got a picture of one.

March a massive bird of prey


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