Easter Show Fun!

I have never been to the Easter show but this year we had to as our youngest daughter was performing a dance routine with her dance troupe.  I have to say that I wasn’t much looking forward to it at first as it always looks so expensive and the crowds, show bags and rubbish food are a trio made in hell as far as I am concerned but Em’s dancing and the prospect of getting a bit of farming info got me over the line.

Here’s Em ready to go out and do her first Flash Mob performance:

April emily dancing

So once the first performance was done and dusted we had some time to spare so it was off to see the Alpacas and learn a bit more about them.

April Alpaca

So cute!  And much better for the land than sheep due to them being very light on their feet – like little ballerina’s.  I’ve been anti sheep on the land ever since reading ‘Feral’ by George Monbiot last year.  As we want to re-habilitate the land and hopefully increase the biodiversity on the property sheep would be a bad choice.  To be honest, at the moment animals are not something we can consider ‘housing’ on the land as I’d want to be there every day to make sure they were OK so maybe a pack of Alpaca’s (or whatever a group is called) will have to wait a few years.

April easter show wool

We had time to check out the display from the Central West farmers – very impressive!

April easter show western district produce

And there is always time for a tasty snack.

April easter show snack


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