14th Birthday celebrations

What do you do when you are stuck for party ideas and your eldest daughter is about to turn 14?  You pack up some camping gear, gather a bunch of friends together and head out to Fox Hill Hollow!

Only it was wet and cold. That’s hail falling into the space where we were intending to make a bonfire. Booooo!

April Megs Birthday hail

So we cooked lunch ‘inside’ under the gazebo.

April 14th birthday mess

Once the rain and hail stopped there was time for a spot of archery.  We made use of the sheep pen as an archery no-walk area.  Very effective!

April archery

April birthday archery balloons

The dune buggy was a hit!

April dune buggy

And the dogs had a great time trying to work out what was going on. They even got their fancy party clothes on.

April where did they go

Where’s the food?

April bemused dogs in coats

It is a shame that it was such a cold and wet weekend but at least we got out and gave camping with teenagers a go.  Their tent leaked, we were snuggled up in the caravan 🙂


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