Construction work starts at Fox Hill Hollow – Making an undercover workspace and living area

It is going to be quite a while before we can afford to put a proper house on this block but in the meantime we need somewhere to eat,  cut wood, store stuff and keep warm when we are out working. So with that in mind we set about creating a car port sort of thing with an extra living room type area tacked onto the caravan end.

Aub and I managed to get a weekend away without the girls (who are very helpful BTW but the lower demands on food and entertainment time was welcome) so that we could get started.

But once we got there it was more a case of ‘where do we start?’  Wasn’t it Aub?

June so where do we start Aub

But things quickly began to take shape even though we were kicking ourselves for leaving our ladder at home.  Thank goodness for the water container, ssshhhhhh don’t tell the safety officer.

June where is the safety officer

Aub welded some metal struts onto the side of the container to give the structure something to be attached to and then set about securing the main beams. We have a portable diesel generator which was sufficient to run the welder for what we needed!

June securing the overhang bit

Remember those trees felled in January?  Well here they are being put to good use as the uprights for the carport structure!  A bit of concrete into the base and we are all secure.

June securing the posts with cement

We took our old, broken bed frame out to the land as we thought the metal would come in handy and it did!  Here we are using it as temporary posts to help get the right angles for the beams.  Things are starting to take shape up there!

June measure twice cut once

A quick view from above at the end of a successful day’s building.  Being winter (June is the start of winter here in Australia) the light was fading fast by 4pm so we got the candles out, lit the stove and settled down for some much needed food.  Soon we won’t need the gazebo!

June finished for the night

We were up bright and early on Sunday to get on with the project and make the structure as secure as possible.  Here is Aub preparing another of our felled logs for its role as a supporting pole.

June day 2 making more posts

Cut and ready to go!

June day 2 the cut for the post

The morning carried on like that until we had three permanent supports up and much of the basic roof structure sorted.  One thing I’m loving about the land is the opportunity it gives for Aub and I to work together. Well, when I say work I’m usually passing stuff, making tea and entertaining the dogs if they are out with us but I’m sure that helps.  Aub is best assisted by our daughter Meg who is much more switched on to the needs of a building site than me.  But anyway, it’s fun working together and seeing things grow!

June day 2 a bit more progress


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