A walk through the forest at Fox Hill Hollow

It is hard to pick my favourite part of the land, I love the creek and the boulder rocks that mark our block from the neighbours,  I love the potential of the dry river bed area that cuts our land in two – I’ve got my eyes on that for planting when the time comes, I love the home paddock for its views and elevation but I guess I might just love the woodland piece a little more than all of that.

I’ve always loved trees and walks in the woods. When I was a little girl my mum used to dress me up in my red coat and wellington boots and take me out to Dingley woods which was about 5 miles from our home in Leicestershire, England.  Come spring the woods would be a blaze of bluebells, in summer we would take a picnic lunch out and sit under the trees to cool off and in Autumn the fungi would come out.  I don’t think we went there in winter as English winters were quite grey and gloomy as far as I recall.

Winter in Australia is my favourite season!  My lilly white skin gets a rest from sunscreen, sweat rashes and sunburn yet it is still bright enough and dry enough most of the time to get out and explore.

Here are some shots of our woodland paddock in winter.  Peaceful, serene and full of little mushroom delights!


This one reminded me of a giants nose!



I love the way that death sparks life in nature.


I am told that beetles make these patterns in the wood here. They can be very pretty indeed.


Looking into the woods.


We have several patches of charcoal like stuff on the ground from which the greenest moss erupts.  So colourful!


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