Snow Hits Fox Hill Hollow

One thing that English people don’t expect when moving to Australia is snow but snow it does and Fox Hill Hollow was locked under blizzard like conditions for a good week or so this winter.

Sadly we didn’t get to see it covered in the white stuff as we had taken a family holiday down in the Victorian Alps and were busy skiing and meeting the local huskies.  However, once we returned we saw that our holiday was well and truly over. The snow had caused CARNAGE!!!

It turns out that the gum trees that live on our property don’t like the snow and there were many branches down – some of them quite significant.

Here are some pictures of the snow that was left when we finally made it back to the land, two weeks after the first dump of snow.

July enough to make a snowballsnow comes to Fox Hill Hollow snow on my stinging nettles

It was such a good job that we moved the caravan out from under that tree earlier in the year!  A broken van would have been a complete pain.

july snow glad we moved the caravan

july snow damage surveying the issue

Here’s another of our big gum trees minus a significant branch.  The rest of the 50 acres is covered in similarly sad scenes which we are now under the pump to clean up. A few bits of fencing need replacing too but that shouldn’t be too hard.

July snow damage

Well at least we know what we will be doing between now and mid September when the bushfire season starts – must get all of that debris burned before then!



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