Oh no! We bogged the tractor :(

Yep, all that lovely snow filled the dam. YAY.

However it has also resulted in some really boggy patches of land which is great in one way as I now know where the best land for Manuka lies which is very nice.  However, what is good for Manuka is not so good for a hefty little tractor.

July 2 boggy land and dog play

We should have seen it coming!  Just look at all that mud, even the dogs are over-excited.

July 2 tractor is bogged discussion


July 2 Aub trying to unbog the tractor and getting more stuck

I’m not sure that is helping!  I’ll just stand here with the camera……

July 2 helping dad

Yes, dad definitely needs help!

Well after a good three hours of pushing, pulling and swearing the tractor was driven out of the bog by Meg.

There’s one way to spend a Sunday afternoon 🙂

Amanda x


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