Cleaning up from the BIG snow

Did you ever watch the TV series ‘The Vicar Of Dibley’?  Well in one episode they are discussing the big storm (or was it the big wind or the big rain, I can’t remember) anyway, our efforts on site this time reminded me of that.

So yes, a week after we got back from our holidays we were back out on the land cleaning up the mess that the snow had left behind.

This is just some of the mess in the sheep paddock – we have no sheep, we just call it that because the sheep pen is in it!

July late more carnage

And this is just some of the mess in the home paddock. We have no home, it’s just that we call it that because this is where we are allowed to build when we can eventually afford it. Glad we didn’t build under that tree already!

July late big pile of sticks

And then there was the mess that the big tree falling on our handy-work left. Ouch…..

july snow damage surveying the issue

We hired a chain saw on a pole, got the ladder out and got onto our new roof. The aim was to clear the debris and prune the ‘dangerous’ tree so that we could live forever more in peace. Oh what a big job that turned out to be!

I’m not sure that this is a good idea…..

July late cleaning up 2

Or this

July Late cleaning up

We got a bit cleared but decided that what we really needed was a platform and some extra help. I’m not great at holding ladders and doing dangerous tasks that require the helper to not daydream or forget what they are doing.  I’m just glad that nobody came to any harm..

To be continued……..


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