River Jumping with the cousins!

Before we got stuck into log clearing it was time for a little fun AND a bit of a look at the creek to make sure nothing was blocking that too badly!

Lucky for the girls (and us) their cousins and my sister and partner live around 40 minutes from our land and so can come and lend a hand when we need it.

So while the big boys got stuck into assembling the tower and chainsawing down the big branches my sister and I took the kids off for some good old fashioned fun!

September jumping creek

We found the perfect spot for some balancing and jumping! Even the dogs got involved which proved to be a bit awkward at times.

September finding a log to balance on

September dogs and kids on log

September dogs on log again

We stayed out until the sun started to go down and then it was back to the home paddock to burn off some of the sticks that we had managed to pile up earlier that day. We only have a couple of weeks to go before the fire season so we need to get a move on!

  September burn off       September burn off sparks


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