Our First Snake

Who would have thought that snakes would be out and about in early September?  Not me that’s for sure!

This one was disturbed by my brother-in-law’s dog – lucky for both parties the dog was scared by the sighting and took to standing a fair distance away and barking at it.  This alerted us to its presence and we all rushed over to take a look!

September first snake

This is a red bellied black snake, they are venomous but not deadly and are generally a good snake to have around as they feast on the brown snakes which are quite a bit more dangerous.

We didn’t hang around for long as this poor little mite looked a bit scared.

September snake bigger

Being relatively new to this part of the world I had no idea that snakes would be about so early in the season  – it is still pretty cold.  I also had no idea of the habitat that these snakes liked and hadn’t even thought about them wanting to be in water. We found this red bellied black under those branches in the strip of boggy land that is usually a dry creek bed.

I have since learned that September and October are snake breeding season so I really hope we didn’t disturb this beastie too much!

Our early snake encounter reminded me that I should be much more prepared than I am for emergencies. We have a few bandages and bits but to be honest I’m not even sure I’d know what to do if a snake bit me!  I should find out as the week before this we were up at Cape Tribulation, Queensland for our wedding anniversary and I looked up to find a snake in the tree above my head. Maybe it is an omen. Maybe this is the year of the snake!

Anyway, I’m going to get us all booked into a bush first aid course as soon as I can find one and I’m also going to do a bit more research on the life and times of snakes so that I can avoid potential hotspots a bit better.




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