Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shower!

A chance gift of two no longer needed water tanks from friends Brad and Rachel here in the mountains got us all inspired about something that we would all dearly love out on the land.  A shower!

So far our only bathing options have been:

  • The muddy looking dam which only the dogs like the look of.

muddy dam cropped

  • The stream – I’ve had a quick dip in there before but I got out quick smart when I saw a leach heading for me and of course there is no shampoo and soap allowed!

Creek water running

  • Our hand-operated re-purposed pesticide backpack shower which is actually quite good unless it is freezing cold outside and the sun hasn’t been out – the water is more ‘mist’ than ‘torrent’ and the only source of heat is direct solar power.

Bush Shower

So the prospect of a lovely purpose made shower cubical with running water is quite alluring.

So here are the two donated tanks – just cleaning them out before we ship them off to the land.

20150913_134204  20150913_134220

and here is the first sketch of our shower.  We need a good drop on the water to get the appropriate pressure

for a shower so this structure will be quite tall.  As a family we tried to work out the best way to keep the tank

full and decided that a roof that worked like a funnel would be great!  Aub drew this two winged structure

which should work well as it will capture and channel water into the centre.  A solar panel can be added to the

Side facing the most sun so we should be able to take the chill of in winter and the little guy in the shower will

stand on a duck board (wooden).  We will probably end up putting up modesty screens too so it will look like

more of a cute little shower house.

Now all we have to do is decide where to build it……..



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