Becoming Australian Citizens

After eleven and a half years of living in Australia the Hill family finally became citizens, joining with around 30 other people at the council offices in Katoomba, Blue Mountains to make our pledge.  It was an emotional night and one that really did feel like we were marking the start of a new chapter in our lives, one when we could truly call ourselves Australians.

Becoming Australian Citizens 29th October 2015

Like many migrants I still feel that my blood and bone is from a foreign land – I am still English by heritage and as many of my Aussie friends will attest, I still say and do some very English things and I like that about me, about my story.  But it is also easy for me to feel at home here, to be comforted and welcomed by the land, the soil, trees, birds and flowers.  Over the last decade I’ve developed a great love of the Australian landscape and especially our little corner of Australia – the Blue Mountains and the central tablelands. I am excited about the future, our future here in Australia and am ready to put my citizenship to good use by becoming more active politically especially when it comes to protecting and caring for the environment.

The future looks bright for this new Aussie family who still queue politely and prefer tea over coffee.


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