Building a Pit Toilet

What better way to spend the time between Christmas day and New Year than in building a pit toilet!

The Ground-work was done a few weeks back starting with digging a massive hole (around 6 foot deep), making it stable then back-filling around it.

Pit toilet hole and digger

Then it was a couple of rounds of concreting to make a stable base for the framework and toilet to go on.

Pit Toilet Concrete bottom

The slab was tidied up a bit and the down pipe and breather pipe were secured into place.The breather pipe is the part that will (hopefully) keep the lavatory smelling sweet and clean!

tidy slab ready for toilet

So by the time the Christmas holidays rolled around all that was left to do was build the framework for the loo.  The girls were keen to lend a hand as the sooner this gets built, the sooner we can stop having to relieve ourself in the forest!

Next step was to pop on a roof and some walls and lucky for us Granddad Brian was around to lend a hand.

grandad helping with roof

The actual toilet was modified by cutting the bottom bend out so that the waste can fall straight down into the trap.  It was then secured onto the concrete and the waste and breather pipe were attached.  The toilet will be ‘flushed’ mainly with sawdust although a little water from time-to-time will be OK and will help to keep the bowl clean. The sawdust helps to create an environment for microbes to break down the waste.

sawdust and toilet roll

toilet is coming on

And before long it was time to try it out.

A proud man on the new loo

We’ve still got a fair bit to do before it is finished, including some work around the loo to secure the mound plus some steps to make it easier to get into oh and of course, the toilet needs a door and another wall!

Building this has been another great learning curve especially for Aub who spent many an evening researching toilets while I was watching TV 🙂





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