You did what? A Naked Bushwalk

One thing I have been itching to do since buying Fox Hill Hollow was a naked bushwalk – just a little one, just once.  While I am one of those people who is happy enough to walk around their house naked I am NOT the topless bathing kind and neither would I tend to visit nudist camps (too many people) BUT I do like to be at one with nature so to speak and bush walking naked really appealed to me.

So I got up and took the dogs on a little jaunt around the block wearing nothing more than my shoes – no shoes in Australia in summer is prickly.

naked bushwalk

There is something quite magical about feeling the light morning breeze and gentle dappled sun on just-woken-up skin.   I felt much more connected to the land than I do when I have my clothes to protect me, more ‘in the moment’ especially as I had to take extra care when walking through the forest to prevent me emerging ‘dressed’ in spider webs and scratches.  I slowed down, more mentally than physically as I became immersed in the here and now of it all.

As I stood upon this falling tree to salute the sun I felt that this type of experience is somewhat missing from our every-day lives.  Sure we can walk around naked at home but most of us can’t go outside that way.  We have a decent sized garden in the Blue Mountains but we are bordered by neighbours on each side and just the other day my neighbour caught me bounding on the trampoline in my bikini and for a moment I felt uncomfortably awkward.  There really aren’t many places that one can go out alone, sans clothes without having that feeling of a constant need to keep checking over the shoulder for other people.

Maybe Fox Hill Hollow should become a haven for nude walkers or maybe I should just keep this little secret to myself….

Too late 🙂



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