Solar Power at Fox Hill Hollow

For Christmas we purchased a solar panel and solar powered refrigerator for Fox Hill Hollow as it can be very hard to prevent food from going off in the summer without a cool spot to keep it in.  After much measuring and re-adjusting the right angle was found for our solo solar panel and we set about welding up a frame to mount it on.  We were delighted to find that the panel/ regulator/ inverter/ battery kit would provide us with enough energy to power the fridge and to run several devices (such as a laptop, radio or kettle).  It’s quite exciting to think that we are soon going to be able to live with a variety of modern comforts while tucked away in our off-the-grid haven even though I feel an odd sense of nostalgia for how happy and contented we were just making-do.  It is true that you soon get used to having more and once you have more it is very, very hard to go back to appreciating less.


sunny solar



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