Farm Planning Course with Landcare

farm course

Starting something new is hard, especially when you are already at the busiest part of your busy life – teenage kids, business, pets, two mortgages etc.  But sometimes, just sometimes you have to squeeze that new thing in because it will enrich your whole life.  That is how I feel about the farm planning course that Aub and I are doing at the moment.  Spread over six months of day-long workshops we are learning how to put together a plan for our land.  How to assess our soil, water, vegetation, topography and wider environment.  How to work together, to keep ourselves safe, to comply to regulations that previously, we didn’t even know existed and most importantly how to thrive on the land.  This week we were also lucky enough to be a talk on native bees which I’m always fascinated by plus an introduction to Aboriginal scar trees and sacred sites, something that I’m really interested in exploring further.  It’s all just so fascinating.

While I wish I had even more time to immerse myself into this new world of ours I know that I have to be patient and for now, just do what we can do to make Fox Hill Hollow a better place.

Landcare are awesome. I thoroughly recommend getting involved with them if you have land in Australia.



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