Fencing on a wet September day

If we thought July was wet we’d seen nothing yet, September was a wash out!  163.2mm of rain vs a seasonal average of just 52.5!

The gum trees don’t seem to like it and I’m a bit worried about that. We are supposed to be re-generating this site, restoring it to the most beautiful mixed box woodland that it can be. Installing an under-story that’s been sheep chewed, protecting the meadow flowers and replacing the pine trees with gums.  Sadly all that seems to be happening is the gums are falling down and turning brown.  Maybe mother nature has other ideas….

Anyway, we can’t change the weather but we can change the fence so we took our new fencing tool and created an access point at the top corner of the paddock so we now have easy access down to the creek boundary.  This is great as it makes it easier for our less mobile visitors to enjoy the beauty of the woodland and babbling stream while sipping their tea!

Talking of tea that’s me wearing the tea cozy as a hat. It was bitterly cold and I’d forgotten to pack for the conditions 🙂






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