First Mow Of The Season & First Trip in the Ute!

So winter has been and gone leaving behind a very soggy Fox Hill Hollow and those brown trees.

The Ford Ranger was definitely a good call, we managed to fit the dogs, camping fridge, clothing and dry food supplies in the back without a problem and the dogs loved it in their cages (I’ll have to get a picture next time as I forgot!).

The only down side was that yes, we did get a bit bogged…..

I didn’t manage to get a picture of that either as I was out looking for native bees and counting the flowers – away with the fairies as usual.

Anyway the good side of getting bogged was the chance to meet the neighbours! As we are not out here all the time yet we don’t get to see the neighbours very often but as luck would have it they were in and were happy to help pull a new ute out of the mud.  I still can’t believe we did that but at least it’s now been christened.


A bit of slashing – just look at that ground cover!  We were contemplating sewing lots of stuff into this paddock just to get the soil carbon up but after such a boggy year it looks like nature has done the hard work for us!  We’ll have to run another soil test next year to see if there’s been any difference.

My concern though is the trees.  As you can see in the background of this picture our gum trees are looking a bit sad.  Since we’ve been here we’ve had two hard frosty winters, one with a substantial dump of snow and flooding rain – neither of which particularly suit these trees.  That said I’m going to just keep my fingers crossed that they muster up the energy to pull through.


Yep, we made it, we bogged it, we got it out again 🙂

At least it’s looking more like a ‘real’ farm ute now.


One of my jobs on the land is to clear the sapling pines so that the native understory can grow. The first to rise has been this only I’m not sure I know what it is! My first thought was that it might be a member of the Cryptandra Species (Amara?) but then I remembered I’d seen this before and labelled it as Brachyloma Daphnoides.  Maybe I need a little help!

In any case they are both native and I’m hoping that those little white flowers will bring in the bees but for now I’m just happy that the pines are on the way out and the natives are coming back.


And what a delight this was to find!

I spotted something that looked like little legs poking out of this flower so uncurled it to reveal these beautiful little native bees inside!  I hope they forgive me for waking them up!  How rude.

These are males of the Lassioglossum species.


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