Ouch, I got rugby tackled by a dog!

So I always thought that my first injury on the land would be a scratch or rolled ankle but no, instead I got rugby tackled by our dog.

She was off the lead with me checking the fences when a Kangaroo popped out on the other side of the fence.  Well my dog went crazy and ran along my side of the fence trying to catch it.  That was all well and good while the Kangaroo was running away from me but then it turned back.  Before I knew it I was facing a race between a Kangaroo on one side of the fence and a blinded-by-the-moment Staffie/ terrier cross on the other.  I went to dodge out of the way and collided with the dog at high speed.


Well, THAT hurt, I can tell you.

I collapsed to the floor looking up to see how Maisy my Staffie had faired. She had taken a tumble but was back up and running, determined to win the Kangaroo Vs Dog race.

Meanwhile I thought my leg had been ripped out of its socket.

It took a good five minutes or so for me to come back into myself.  As the adrenaline left me I checked my knee and hip for dislocation before realising that my calf, just millimetres below the knee had taken the full 35kg/ 30 ish KPH impact.  It bloody well hurt like crazy and had already started swelling before I could muster up enough courage to try standing on it.

This all happened about 1km along from our ‘house’ and I was alone with no means of signalling for help.  Luckily enough this time I managed to hobble back to the base where my family helped me into a chair and to a cup of tea – tea fixes everything!

By this time I suspected it was just a soft tissue injury so I put up and shut up while the mowing and clearing finished and then went off home.


By Monday I had an infection due to the soft tissue swelling.

And by the following week I had to get it scanned where I found out I’d fractured my fat layer.  Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of that!  All I know is that it is still very, very sore.  So sore and swollen in fact that it managed to restrict my circulation to the point that I ended up dragging a dead leg around for a few days this week!  Not a good look or feel and something I absolutely don’t recommend.

I got it X-rayed as well as there is still a chance the bone was dented on impact (although I know it isn’t broken as such), I get those results tomorrow.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that shit happens and when it happens you need a plan.

I’m not sure we actually had a plan, not a good one anyway.  I do still feel lucky that a) it was me (I’m pretty strong) and b) it wasn’t something that needed urgent attention but it has reminded me of the need to carry one of the walkie talkies with me when I go on my walks, to (probably) keep the dog on a lead and to keep something cool in the esky!


This was the infection before it spread further up my leg.


And here’s the leg on day 12. That lump you can see is still hot, bruised and very sore. It’s also extremely hard which is why I think I was getting the pins and needles followed by the dead leg.  It’s still pretty sore and hard now (day 14) and walking on it is painful but I think it’ll soon be right.


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