Paralysis Tick Nightmare!

Sadly our Christmas trip out to the land brought with it a near-death experience for Nicki dog.  We’d only been home a couple of days when she started to go wobbly in her back legs, a sure sign of paralysis tick poisoning.   I rushed her down to the emergency vets where it took four hours for them to track down the offending critter under her chin!  Nicki and Maisy are usually treated with Nexgard but I’d forgotten their December dose so by the time we had reached the land and exposed her to the tick she was about 3 weeks out of coverage.

I’m glad to say that Nicki recovered well from her little ordeal only having to spend one night in ‘hospital’ on a drip. The treatment, including the anti-venom and spending New Years Eve at the facility cost just short of $2000 which means we’ll have to hold off on the first stage of our planning application for the house for an extra month to recover but at least we have Nicki!

Since that incident I’ve made two adjustments to our routine.  Firstly, Nicki will be shaved in summer so tics are easier to spot (along with grass seeds and other bugs and bits). Secondly I’ve swapped to Bravecto medication for both dogs as that gives up to four months cover for Paralysis tick at a very reasonable price – I figured that would make it less likely for me to forget, especially during Christmas and holiday season.

Well done Nicki for pulling through, we are proud of you – our Dear, dear doggie 🙂

Here is some info on paralysis ticks. 



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