Shower Improvements – Hot and Cold Water System!

One of the first things we did at Fox Hill Hollow was to purchase ourselves one of those weed killing backpacks and fill it with water before hanging it out under the sun for it to heat the water for our showers.  This system has served us well over the last two-and-a-bit years but now we are ready for something more!

During last years build-fest we erected a structure to capture water on top of the container and store it for a shower.  Under this new roof-let we placed an IBC and thanks to the copious rain we received on the land in July it was soon filled to the brim with water. However, thanks to the sun that water soon became murky and putrid looking (photosynthesis at its finest) making the water look somewhat less than shower-ready!  To add to our woes we (or rather I) kept forgetting to get a tap for said IBC so the shower never really did get much further until now….

Here is the blog post we wrote about the plans and showing the tanks that we are now using to store our water.

So here we go!

First up we had to cut down the replacement tank so it fits  under the roofline or snug against the down pipe – I can’t remember what we opted for to be honest as it isn’t quite finished. As you can see here it is clearly too tall as it is 🙂


Re-fitting the top to the bottom!


Making sure the rubbish from the roof doesn’t fill the tank and block the pipes – this filter will come in handy!


Aligning it with the down pipes.


The shower will be gravity fed – 2.7 metre drop to the floor.  We will put a tiled board underneath and a privacy screen around so we don’t shock the friendly neighbourhood Kangaroos when we get our kit off!


And that’s all we could do here as next we needed a trip to the hardware store for some plumbing supplies!


Back at home and the plumbing is done and been tested in our garden!   We are going to work out how long the hot pipe has to be to give a couple of good, warm showers – the pipe will be weaved around the container roof where it will heat up in the sun and thus heat the water.  As the sun can get very hot we also have a pipe coming straight from the tank to the ‘cold’ tap (although in the middle of summer cold will be more of a luke warm!).   So far so good and we are looking forward to completing this little job and making Fox Hill Hollow even more sophisticated and homely than it is already.

Update: April 2017  The working shower head – now all we need is a little gas heater as it is currently freezing 🙂

2016-05-12 06.23.20





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