More Plant I.D’s at Fox Hill Hollow

unidentified plantlet

I found this today on my walk and was quite excited as I knew it was an Orchid but had no idea which one!  According to those that know about this sort of thing, the presence of Orchids in an ecosystem means it is healthy, that means a lot to me as our personal goal is to leave Fox Hill Hollow in better condition that when we found it and so it is good to know that our tramplings and explorations haven’t killed the place just yet 🙂

A quick shout out on Facebook got me a plant ID – Green Hood Orchid.  As per usual there are a few different ‘green hoods’ and on closer inspection it looks like this is the Snake Tongue variety or Taurantha Concinna.

Secondly but not quite so excitingly I finally arrived on the land to see this mystery bush flower and it turns out to be the rather common Grey Guinea Flower -Hibbertia Obtusifolia (family Dilleniacea).

2016-05-13 01.57.49

Last of all I was transfixed by the beauty of these seed pods and by the fact that the tree that these pods belonged too had actually strangled it’s companion tree – a lovely old gum.

strangle treeSeed pods

Anyway it turns out that this murderous tree is in fact a bottle tree – probably a narrow leaf bottle tree also known as Kurrajong or Brachychiton Populneus.  This tree is also native to Australia and it is not unusual to find it in New South Wales so I don’t feel so bad about hosting it now.  Here is a fact sheet on my new best friend – this bright and shady tree!

I love exploring and getting to know the land and lucky for us there is so much beautiful countryside out west to explore.



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