A Hazy Shade of Winter

Even on a damp and cold (by Australian standards) winters day Fox Hill Hollow still stretches out its warm embracing welcome to us, welcoming us into what seems like another world!  This world is mossy and quiet, every changing yet timeless and wise, a world that has tiny little eyes that follow you from behind the grasses and trees, like the Wallaby that followed up on our morning walk, stopping just far enough away to secure a good view for her and a too-distant photo for us.

This weekend the night was lit up by a beautiful full moon  – a strawberry moon apparently and one that sweeps its bath across the sky, starting its journey from behind our caravan window.  Mum tells me that one of her earliest memories of my first days on earth was of me settling to the glow of the full moon that illuminated the sky on my third day of life.  I have been smitten ever since and still find silver a peaceful and calming colour and the moons soft glow strangely comforting.

We needed to come out for some quiet time this week, a bit of a recharge of the batteries after a tough couple of months.  Stress places an immense toll on the body both Aub and I had been feeling quite sick on and off because of it.   Life can get heavy at times. One night of woodland peace doesn’t solve everything but it does create a pause and sometimes that’s all you need to feel like you have slowed the world down enough to step back onto it.

Here’s to tree therapy at Fox Hill Hollow on this hazy winters day and look, I even managed to find a mustachioed face made from poo with Donald Trump hair! I promise I didn’t touch a thing, it was pooped that way 🙂


Understory – A connection through trees

I have just finished gorging myself on this, a book that I bought half heartedly at first, thinking it would better suit a close friend of mine than me – I was going to give it to her as a present but then I thought ‘stuff it, I’ll read it first’ and I’m glad I did.

I am such a tree girl myself. So much so that last year my vision board (I do a board every year) had me declare my mantra to be ‘be strong, stand tall, you have deep roots and can weather any storm’.  I am tree woman. I love living with them, find it easier to breathe when surrounded by them and feel most grounded in their presence.

Inga’s personal life story is entwined into the story of the forests and country that has, and continues to shape her.  The personal stories are neat and as crisp as morning dew yet they touch deeply, leaving a real sense of a person you both know and don’t know in equal measure.  Inga weaves in her childhood inspiration – a land of Tolkien, Dragons and bush camping giving the very real narrative a sense of other-worldliness as if she has stumbled across a porthole to another world when really it is just another way of seeing this world I guess.

Anyway, for a tree-loving, bush-walking, loner like me this book is just perfect and no, I’m not going to pass this copy onto my friend, I’m going to buy her a fresh one and keep this as a permanent reminder of the language and power of trees.