Walks in Roseberg State Forest

As we are still new to the area a fair proportion of my time is being taken up with exploring – looking at what plants grow where, what animals are about, the soil types, terrain and trail quality (for my mountain bike buddies and I).

This weekend I completed a couple of easy loops of one part of Roseberg State Forest and this is how it panned out!


Loop:  Park at Custard Creek Trail Start then walk down Quartpot road to meet the Oaky Trail (2km),  Follow Oaky Trail to Boundary Trail, Walk Boundary Trail to meet Widows Trail. Walk up Widows Trail to meet Quartpot Road then walk back along to the car, taking care not to step on any road-kill along the way (there are always dead roos around here).

10km loop map

Distance: 10.54 Km – you can make it around 1.2KM shorter by taking the Custard Creek Fire Trail straight back to where your car is.

Gradient:  Very hilly!  250 metres climb which does pull the legs a little – it’s great the other way on a bike though 🙂

10km loop roseberg hills

Get-Lost-O-Meter:  People can get lost anywhere but generally speaking this is a very clearly marked route once you find the right starting trail (Oaky isn’t marked from the road, use a GPS).

2015-10-04 12.57.36

I really enjoyed this walk as it was pretty challenging in the leg department but still easy enough to take time out to enjoy the views. We saw wallabies and their babies and plenty of birdlife plus these interesting flowers and plants.

  1. Native Indigo – as a cosmetic chemist I was desperate to take this home and make some dye out of it but no, I decided to leave it for the bees this time.  Good girl Amanda 🙂

2015-10-04 13.26.34

2) I’ll have to come back to this one, no idea what it is but it was very pretty.2015-10-04 13.03.43

3) Oh how I love wattle!  We don’t have any like this on our land at the moment so I had a big case of wattle envy when I found this.  Not sure what type of Acacia this is exactly but I’ll get to it. The bushes were around 2 metres tall.

2015-10-04 12.19.31

4) I was pretty excited to see this sort of shrub growing so close to us too, I think it is a Myrtle – possibly the common fringe myrtle. I’m convinced you could get a good essential oil out of this baby!2015-10-04 12.15.11

5) Now I would LOVE to know what this is. Just look at the beautiful shape of that flower – it’s anthers look like fingers – could it be a finger flower, Cheiranthera alternifolia?

2015-10-04 12.14.02

If you can name what I’ve spotted please let me know as I’m all ears 🙂


Exploring Roseberg State Forest – A Family Loop

Time at Fox Hill Hollow is precious at the moment as there is just so much to do and so time riding is precious indeed!  After our last epic ride we fancied something a little more family friendly, a little loop that we could fit in before or after a day on the tools or whatever we happened to be doing.  Boy did we find it!

Fox Hill Hollow is situated at the bottom of a very large hill, you don’t realise how steep the hill is until you try, bleary eyed to power up it of a morning.  The hills do not stop for quite a while, around 7 Km in fact as that’s when you hit the forest.

Roseberg is our closest forest and it is a beauty with patches of Yellow and Red box gums, moss-covered rocky outcrops and precious water-filled creeks.  We entered this ride on Widow’s fire trail chosen as it skirted around the base of one of the 900 metre rocky peaks making it suitable for our whole family to ride.

me on my bike Roseberg easy trail

The trail was in great condition (well done forest rangers) and would be well suited to either cycle cross or mountain bike (we were on the latter) plus it was beautiful.  As is usual for me when I get out into the forest I was soon whisked away into my imagination, thanks to the beautiful array of natural aromas emanating from the native vegetation…..

Out West

I’ll ride out in the country

Through forests of tea

Race ‘roos startled by me

Watch lizards roam free

I’ll pack water

And sunscreen

And sweet juicy snacks

And disappear Westwards

With dreams on my back.

The track we took was around 13Km from the forest entrance and back to the car but door-to-door from Fox Hill Hollow would have been more like 27Km so a decent morning ride with plenty of challenging ups and downs.

Here are the strava stat for the ride out from the start of the track (we drove to here) and back to our home base (Aub rode, I drove and took pictures of him because I’m lazy).

Roseberg ride 25 Jan

  • Out of our property the gradient hits a maximum of 25%
  • The maximum gradient on our forest loop was 20% uphill and 24.1% downhill making this a great little cardio work out.
  • There is a lovely 3.8km downhill section in this loop down what looks like a dry water course.
  • Watch out for Kangaroos!
  • The ride cuts past many other different tracks which we will explore at a later date making it easy to up or down scale this loop to suit different riders.

We weren’t really pushing it this time as we wanted to record all of the trails we passed and get a feel for the terrain and that we did. Looking forward to our next outing as I for one need to get these lardy legs moving a bit faster 🙂




A gentle ride this was not.

Ok so we (or rather I) thought that we could short cut through the forest from our property to visit my sister, you know, just like the Little Red Riding Hood story. Well, we tried it over Christmas and discovered that it wasn’t quite the short cut that we were planning –  43.7km and 1146 metres of climbing to be precise. Here is our Strava print out:

The ride out of Fox Hill Hollow
The ride out of Fox Hill Hollow

The forests out our way are just magical changing from native woodland to pine to mixed forest as you move on through. There were plenty of Kangaroos and Wallaby’s to keep us company and a few lovely lizards stopped to say hello too. Also the tree coverage took a few degrees off the temperature which was great as it was a stinking hot day – that said we still chugged through plenty of water so if you are planning this, carry a good two or three bottles worth per person.

The ride was almost completely on fire trails which were of a pretty good grade making this accessible for most mountain bike riders who can stomach the massive climbs and sharp descents.  In addition it is also a pretty well used route so should anything go wrong you would be unlucky not to have someone pass in either a ute,  a trail bike or even some other crazy mountain bike riders.

I’m nowhere near my fittest and so really struggled up some of the hills but even so I’d have to say that the scenery and pure magic of being able to finally get to my sisters for a cup of tea kept me going. Well that and a couple of bags of jelly lollies – sugar IS good for something 🙂

The verdict: I will be doing it again but before I do, I’ll be off to the gym to get a bit more muscle power in my old legs as that is a complete smash-a-thon.