Soil Carbon Cowboys

One of the great things about our farm planning course is hearing stories from other farmers, like these for example.  Here two cattle farmers in the USA tell of how taking a different approach to grazing has resulted in healthier soil, stock and wallets!   Grassland diversity has brought back bees and other pollinators, cows are happy and healthier and the farmers are both enjoying their jobs and down-time more than ever before.

Before this course I did tend to have the image of a mono-culture factory farm when farming was mentioned but now I’m more likely to imagine an environmentally minded entrepreneur keen to try anything and everything new and ‘green’ to breathe life into their properties.

The future looks good!

SOIL CARBON COWBOYS from Peter Byck on Vimeo.

We are taking this to heart and researching ways to improve our paddock coverage with a view to increasing pollinators such as birds and native bees back onto the property. This should help us manage our erosion issues and improve the visual appeal of the land too!

How exciting.